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Food and wine

The multifaceted and varied land has given the inhabitants of the Piceno area unmistakable flavors which, intertwined with wisdom over the centuries, have given rise to unique products, whose aromas recall the variety of fruits from the countryside and the sea..

In the Piceno you can taste a genuine cooking. The hills in the Piceno slowly go down from the Appennini up to the beach and represent the most important area in the Marche for the wine industry. These last years are born a lot of firms that produce excellent wines and even some breweries. The Piceno’s wine and food offers dishes that are made with ingredients both from the sea and from the earth, right because the land goes from the Adriatic coast to the Appennini.

A lot are the recipes that include some ingredients such as meat, truffles, mushrooms and above all the Ascolane olives, that are fried, and that are the emblem of the all territory.