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Hotel Casale is available to organize your team building making your corporate events engaging and exciting thanks to a wide range of activities ranging from corporate incentives to training workshops for the development of your team.

Participants, after an explanatory meeting with professional drivers, will be able to access the kart track in groups of 10 people for approximately 10 minutes per group, up to a maximum of 100 people. An elimination race with repechages will be organized throughout the day. Naturally the kart track, where world competitions are competed, will be used by your guests exclusively and will provide all the necessary protection.

The activity will begin with a small briefing for all participants held by CONI instructors, followed by 3 passengers and an instructor in each car and we will set off on the route. Each participant will take turns driving and at the end of the activity each will receive a certificate of participation and a souvenir t-shirt. The activity can be organized for groups of up to 30 people.

The activity will begin with a small briefing for all participants held by the instructors. Depending on the competition, the teams are made up of a minimum of 4 players. The matches are played only on playing fields within which shelters of various different shapes and sizes are located, according to a predefined layout that varies with each competition.

Both activities can be organized for groups of up to 25 people, with a complete supply of equipment (wetsuit, boots, harness, helmet...) and the constant presence of professional instructors. Both canyoning (descent or ascent of a stream) and the speleological visit to the Acquasanta Terme caves last approximately 4 hours each, so we can suggest the practice of both activities for a group of 50 people divided into two subgroups that alternate in carrying out the "excursions".

The activity could be in the Gran Sasso mountains, the Laga Mountains or the Sibillini Mountains. The duration of the activity and the difficulty of the route will follow your instructions. The activity can be organized for groups of up to 50 people, who will be adequately equipped to tackle the proposed route.

Activities carried out at the Montagna dei Fiori, rich in historical sites and natural beauty, or in Colle San Marco, nature reserve with archaeological area, chestnut groves and walls up to 50 m high. with the collaboration of alpine guides and supply of equipment.

This activity, for safety reasons, can also be organized for groups of up to 30 people per day; the following quotation includes equipment. The flight school belongs to the multiple Italian champion Maurizio Liverotti who will guarantee your presence and assistance during the flights.

Team game with intelligence tests (solving puzzles, translating codes...) and physical tests (such as cableways, Tibetan bridges...) and orientation tests with compass or GPS.

Team building activities for teams, with suspended passages among the bush (such as a swinging bridge, free climbing wall...).

Participants will be placed in special courses on behavior and escape from dangerous areas, like a real war photographer. During the test, after a short theoretical-practical course, they will have to take photos of a site and escape and organize their escape from a crisis zone. They will be followed by a real special force team.

A dive into peasant habits and traditions just 20 minutes from the Hotel. In a real farm, guests divided into teams will have to organize themselves and structure themselves to carry out various activities: animal care, cultivation care and cooking. Each group leader, therefore, will designate the employees for each activity and will then take care of coordinating and connecting the various subgroups together in order to obtain the maximum result on all aspects (each activity will be connected to the others in some step, so for example . the kitchen is waiting for some objects from another group and so on…hence the importance of coordination).

The guests will be divided into groups and, respectively, into subgroups and after an illustration of some traditional local dishes by the Chef, they will have to try their hand at preparing olive all’ascolana, Campofilone maccheroncini and other specialities. At the end of the time allotted for preparations, the teams will be judged on the basis of the dishes created by a jury made up of company managers and chefs. As a conclusion of the activity, the group will be reunited for a collective guided tasting of local oils, during which everyone will be invited to express their opinions on the taste, colour, smell of the oils... only to be directed by the sommeliers present.

Race on a course specially set up on the hotel car park between professional remote-controlled cars capable of running up to 100 km/h.

We would like to remind you that the hotel has various sports facilities for organizing tournaments or team games, such as:Football pitch, five-a-side football pitch, tennis courts, bowling green outdoor swimming pool and indoor swimming pool, green spaces, billiards, ping-pong table, table football free use – purchase materials as needed.

The area lends itself to the practice of other team building and hiking activities such as soft air, mule trekking, kite/surfing, snow/kite, quad biking, rafting, hydrospeed, glider flights.